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Nestled in a valley surrounded by greenery as far as the eye can see, set in the stunningly picturesque Idalgashinna village deep in the hills of Sri Lanka. This is Idal Villa , which captures the essence of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Designed by Architect Chandana Muthucumarana, the villa with tall windows open out into a breath-taking scenery of the Haputale mountains. Idal Villa brings together the charm of an upcountry bungalow by the fireplace ,with the fragrances wafting from a traditional Sri Lankan kitchen.

Take a hike in the mountains covered in mist, Or watch the world famous Odyssey train to Ella pass high above the mountains, its fairy lights visible from Idal Villa’s spacious garden.

A good cup of tea, freshly brewed with tea from a nearby tea factory maintaining the standards of a time long gone, will keep you company at this hideaway from the world.

Enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan meal cooked over an open fire using fresh organic vegetables from the villa’s garden. Pair it with traditional Sri Lankan curd and treacle to finish your meal.

How about a barbeque for dinner over coals while watching the clear glistening night sky? The perfect setting for a great holiday in the hills.

Idal Villa combines everything you want in one memorable visit. It encapsulates the fragrance of fresh hill country air with soul stirring peace and tranquillity.

This is a place where you refresh, recharge and experience a truly memorable visit.

Watch the Sun rise through the mountains

Sunrise at Idal Villa is an experience to savour – watch the golden rays of the sun rise slowly and majestically over the hills.


04 bedrooms with ensuite bathroom

Sitting area

Spacious garden

Ala Carte menu of Sri Lankan food and traditional Sri Lankan favorites

In a valley surrounded by majestic mountains rising into the sky, watching the Ella bound train negotiate the turns on the steep climb, be transported to another dimension of absolute bliss.

Nearby attractions


Adhisham bungalow

The famous Adhisham bungalow is close by and can be visited easily


Tea plantations

Tea plantations and factories that dot the area can be visited



Hiking is available on request


Devil's Staircase

Visit the challenging and tough terrain of the famous Devil's Staircase


Idalgashinna Railway Station

Idalgashinna Railway Station is a historic railway station on the Sri Lankan railway network, going as far back as 1893, set amidst a picturesque mountain setting.


St Andrews Church

One of the oldest churches, built in 1869, this is a picturesque church set amidst the hills


Hiking the Pekoe Trial

A scenic hike that takes you to an adventurous climb in the centre of the mountains


Bambarakanda Falls

Bambarakanda Falls can be viewed from Devil's Staircase


Pilkington Point

Capture a panoramic view of the hills from a vantage point

*Please note that these visits need to be arranged in advance.

Additional Facilities

  • Free secured parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV in public areas
  • Hot water
  • Fully off grid capability
  • Organically harvested vegetables
  • Spring water via tube well

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